Your Tooth Extraction Aftercare Guide

You’re expected to experience some sort of pain after tooth extraction treatment. Whilst the pain exists, its important you understand …
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Five Warnings You May Need A Dental Implant

Do you find that you’re hiding your smile? Are you low on confidence? Are you suffering from a severely cracked …
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emergercy tooth extraction

Are You Faced With A Dental Emergency? Follow These Immediate Pain Relief Remedies

No one likes to be faced with a dental emergency. The chances are that your dental emergency stems from poor …
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Do Teeth Whitening Strips Damage Your Teeth?

Nowadays, many people are concerned with how their teeth look in public. There are many benefits to doing so. With …
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What Happens At A Dental Check-Up And Clean?

Have you ever wondered what happens really happens at a routine dental check-up and clean? How often do you go …
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can wisdom tooth extraction change teeth alignment

Can Wisdom Tooth Extraction Change Teeth Alignment?

Wisdom teeth commonly appear between the ages of 17 and 25 years (although this can occur earlier or later in …
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teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening – What Works And What Doesn’t?

No matter how often you brush and floss or visit the dentist for a professional clean, your teeth are going …
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managing dental phobias

Managing Dental Phobias

When managing dental phobia’s, it is best to combine several psychological strategies. Surveys report that 13% to 24% of people …
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Have you noticed your gums bleedingwhile brushing or flossing

Have you noticed your gums bleeding while brushing or flossing?

This can cause alarm! The cause of bleeding gums can be as simple as brushing too hard, but in most …
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